Re-Certification for the EMR

To provide participants the knowledge and skills necessary to work as an emergency medical responder (EMR) to help sustain life, reduce pain and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness until more advanced medical personnel take over. The course content and activities will prepare you to make appropriate decisions about the care to provide in a medical emergency. The course teaches the skills an EMR needs to act as a crucial link in the emergency medical services (EMS) system.


The Challenge test (online)  is a quick and easy way for the EMR that knows what they are doing to get Re-Certified. You will take the written test to demonstrate that you have the knowledge to maintain your certification.  Make sure you review the material before you purchase the test. Once you purchase the test you will receive the link to take it. You will need 80% to pass, if you do not pass then you will receive a $20 credit to take the test again as long as you hold a current certification.

Challenge Test (Online) $40